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Smart IOIs & ATs Trading Risk Global

The Raptor suite of products has a proven track record of successful delivery and maintenance. Raptor effectively provides clients with the ability to address multiple issues; providing significant flexibility to rapidly adapt to changes in the trading landscape by not only meeting their current needs; but addressing long term strategic initiatives as well.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Centralized connectivity to available FIX networks, Sell-side and Buy-side OMS providers, Alternative Trading Systems and Exchanges
  • Unbundled connectivity away from the OMS providers to maintain independence and flexibility to meet the client’s dynamic business requirements
  • Intelligent optimized and consolidated IOI process and targeting to maximize IOI effectiveness and improve liquidity discovery
  • A dynamic risk management controls that provide real time monitoring of order flow to reduce the impact of market volatility and user errors


Raptor Smart IOIs & ATs

The Raptor Smart IOIs is an intelligent rules-based IOI interface that can be instructed to dynamically adjust the IOIs auto generation algorithm based on market conditions and trading preferences. This product suite provides our clients the ability to significantly improve the management of their IOIs and ATs with symbol, desk and firm level controls.


Raptor Order Router

The Raptor Order Router is highly flexible GUI supported trading platform giving full control over client order flow through the entire trade cycle. Customized configuration options for various groups makes Raptor Order Router a powerful front end across multiple desks and user groups.


Raptor Trader Analytics and History Server

The creation of IOIs and ATs along with the housing of trade data allows Raptor to expand the product into a more robust Trader Analytics tool. The tool creates a new level of information processing, which includes alerting on potential crossing opportunities and the ability to have the Smart IOI product act as a liquidity search tool.


Raptor Risk Management

The Raptor Risk Management supports the management of the financial, regulatory, and other risks associated with market access; it monitors the order flow for orders that violate of the clients’ established guidelines, policies, and positions and equity limits before routing the orders to the market centers for execution.


Raptor FX Gateway

The Raptor Foreign Currency Trading (FX) Gateway is a specialized Raptor Order router for FX desk which normalizes and passes the FX trading FIX messages between our clients and their trading partners in real time with microsecond latency.