FX Gateway

The Raptor Foreign Currency Trading (FX) product is a trading solution supporting various trading workflows and offering flexible features targeting specifically FX desk business flow. Raptor’s Enterprise Gateway normalizes and passes the FX trading FIX messages between our clients and their trading partners in real time with microsecond latency.

Our Enterprise FIX Gateway can support various FX trading workflows over a single trading session with each client, such as:

  • Request for Stream (RFS) Workflow
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) Workflow
  • Unsolicited Quote (UQ) Workflow
  • Limit Order (LO) Workflow

Our FX trading platform can support SPOTS, FORWARDS, and SWAPS.  It can also support various tradable currency pairs with multiple currency pair formats in all FIX versions.

FX Enterprise Gateway Key Features and Benefits
  • Utilized as a client facing gateway, an Execution venues facing gateway, or as a market data proxy service
  • Supports Spots, Forwards, and Swaps
  • Supports various tradable currency pairs, while normalizes currency pairs formats
  • Aggregates various execution drop copies formats, such as FIX, MQ, and XML
  • Normalizes various FIX versions, such as FIX 4.2, FIX 4.3, FIX 4.4, and FIX 5.0
  • Offers market data quotes management window
  • Provides quote markup algorithm for targeted client quotes
  • Pre and Post trade Risk Validations
  • Sanity validations
  • Trade restrictions
  • Capital limits