Order Router

The Raptor Order Router provides a low latency scalable trading platform to meet our clients current and future order routing requirements. The proven high capacity, flexibility,  and reliability of the platform supports cash trading, DMA, algorithm trading globally for multi-assets.

Our low latency platform enables our clients to rapidly deploy centralized dynamic DMA and order routing solutions to manage their global multi-asset order flow. The platform also implements centralized dynamic risk management rules to reduce risk and market volatility exposure across multiple desks.

Order Router Key Features and Benefits
  • Centralized management facility for multi-asset global order flow
  • Reduced development cost and time to market
  • Improved supportability and manageability of the centralized order routing facility, including monitoring and exception management
  • Normalized FIX order flow behavior across multiple FIX versions and asset classes
  • Low latency platform with scalability and extensibility
  • Full redundancy (primary and secondary) and DR support
  • Dynamic risk management and compliance rules application
  • Support for industry reporting such as ACT, OATS, and OTS
  • Seamless normalized access to available exchanges, alternative trading services (ATS), and Dark liquidity venues