Risk Management

The Raptor Risk Management product supports the management of the financial, regulatory, and other risks associated with market access; it monitors the order flow for orders that violate the clients’ established guidelines, policies, and positions and equity limits before routing the orders to the market centers for execution.

Our Risk Management product is offered as an integrated module with our Order Router product or as a standalone product to accommodate the various trading and direct market access workflows and the various order management systems.

Our Risk Management product is compliant with the new SEC “Naked” Market Access 15c3-5 Rule requirements.

Risk Management Key Features and Benefits
  • Customizable risk management rules
  • Risk Management view
  • Intraday updates of risk management and validation rules
  • Risk Management Rules by the corporate, client, or instrument levels
  • Flexible violation alerts via email or popup
  • Reject, hold, or route orders in violation
  • Daily reports of settings and violations
  • Order flow aggregation to accommodate various trade flows
  • Pre and Post trade Risk Validations
    • Sanity validations
    • Trade restrictions
    • Capital limits
    • Short sale validations
    • Positions and Profit and loss validations