Smart IOIs & ATs


The Raptor SMART IOIs and ATs solution is an intelligent, rules-based algorithm that can be instructed to adjust the auto generated IOI logic based on market conditions and volatility.

Smart targeting and blocking are integral components of the product and are simplified to avoid the ambiguity of who sees and does not see an IOI. The system helps with liquidity discovery while reducing information leakage and redundant distribution of information to specified targets.



SMART IOIs Key Features and Benefits
ATs Key Features and Benefits
  • Maintains accuracy between IOI shares and order quantity
  • Symbol level tiers—detailed or global
  • Client level tiers—detailed or global
  • Auto generation of Supers using volume deviation and analysis
  • Auto generation of Generics
  • Do Not IOI, restricted lists
  • Customizable configurations on Symbol, Sector, Trader, or global levels
  • Customizable controls by individual clients
  • Ability to automatically advertise T+3
  • Do Not AT, restricted lists