Trader Analytics & History Server

The creation of IOIs and ATs along with the housing of trade data allows Raptor to expand our product into a more robust Trader Analytics tool. The tool creates a new level of information processing, which includes alerting on potential crossing opportunities and the ability to have the Smart IOI product act as a liquidity search tool.

The Trader Analytics algorithm queries the Focus/Interest Lists, Historical trade data, and 13F Holdings data returns intelligent targets for IOIs and creates timely alerts for potential crosses and other custom business rules for more efficient liquidity discovery.

Trader Analytics Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy identification of crossing opportunities
  • SMART IOI targeting using proprietary algorithms
  • User friendly GUI and query options
  • Customizable views for Sales and Position Traders
  • Real time data mining of customer flow
  • Reporting capabilities on real-time updated data
  • Analytics tools, including pie charts, bar graphs, etc.
  • Depiction of real-time updated data