Trading Services

Trading Service 2.14.12

Our global connectivity platform provides neutral FIX based connectivity services and open access to buyside, sellside, routing networks, software platforms, and financial markets.  Raptor provides a fully managed connectivity solution that is designed to enhance existing infrastructures and technical processes while providing the foundation for efficient business growth and cost cutting opportunities.  Our connectivity solutions are seamlessly integrated into all of Raptor’s main product lines, while providing complete integration and freedom of choice across all major trading platforms and technical solutions.

Through the use of Raptor’s solutions, firms can achieve a high degree of optimization.  Raptor’s advanced FIX connectivity platform is a plug and play solution that provides our clients with the tools necessary to meet the complex challenges of existing and emerging markets.


 Network Management Key Features and Benefits
  • Business intelligence layer to support electronic routing decision
  • Consolidated FIX session monitoring and management consoles
  • Customizable FIX Tag translation and normalization layers
  • Pre-certification of all major order routing networks and vendor systems
  • Support for all the primary versions of FIX protocol
  • Accommodation for custom FIX behaviors
  • Highly flexible user console configurations
  • Customizable business logic and routing rules
  • Order and execution engagement and re-routing tools
Network Services Key Features and Benefits
  • 24×7 Global Support Group
  • Full service engineering team to facilitate FIX implementations and certifications
  • Imbedded symbology and data handling technology
  • Customizable support and network monitoring model
 Network Infrastructure Key Features and Benefits
  • Hosted or enterprise options available
  • DMA proximity co-location capabilities
  • Direct high speed fiber and gateway solutions to execution points
  • Data redundancy and dynamic fail over technology
  • Advanced architecture for rapid deployment models
  • Complete listing of telecommunications options
  • Established connectivity to existing global network providers